‘F**k You!’: Italian teenager is jailed for making a video of naked yoga in court

A 17-year-old Italian teenager has been jailed for up to four years for making the video of himself naked in court and sharing it online, a judge ruled yesterday.

The video was uploaded to YouTube in May last year, showing him in a dark room with his hands and feet bound.

The boy has been given four-and-a-half years in prison and fined €300.

The judge said the teen’s conduct is “completely unacceptable” and the sentence should serve to show that “the age of consent for nudity in the home is 16”.

The boy had appealed against the sentence yesterday.

The appeal is pending.

The case comes as Italy’s top court has ordered the government to implement tougher sentencing laws in a bid to stop a wave of teenage suicides.

In February, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that criminalised sharing a nude video of a 15-year old girl being sexually assaulted.

The ruling followed a trial in which the victim’s mother said her daughter had been forced to sign a document saying she did not want to share the video online.

Earlier this year, the ruling overturned a decision by a lower court to allow the prosecution to introduce evidence from a witness to show the girl had been coerced into sharing the video.

The victim’s parents said they were happy with the decision, but were not surprised that a lower appellate court overturned it.