How to make the perfect yoga mat and yoga ball chair

It’s not often you see a yoga mat or a yoga ball on a Walmart store, but that’s exactly what they did this week.

You may have seen the Yoga Mat and the Yoga Ball, but what are these little objects?

Well, the yoga mat is the thing you wear around your waist to keep you from falling down while doing your yoga class.

The yoga ball is basically a yoga seat that you lay on top of your mat, and when you want to do some stretching or sit down, you can just pull it out and put it on your desk.

Both of these items were made by a company called Beyond Yoga, which sells them in a variety of colors and sizes.

You can find the Beyond Yoga Yoga Mat on Amazon for $99.99, and the Beyond Pizza Ball for $139.99.

Both come in sizes of 32 inches, 38 inches, and 42 inches, with different colors.

The Beyond Pizza Balls come in a range of colors too.