When You Can’t Have It All: Why You Shouldn’t Get Married

A young woman’s life was changed forever when she was married off to her best friend’s boyfriend. 

The couple had three children, two girls and one boy.

The girl’s mother, however, had a history of depression and drug abuse, so the young woman moved to her parents’ house in a rural area in Michigan, where she was reunited with her childhood sweetheart, who had also moved out of state.

They were married for a year, and after a year and a half, they divorced.

After the divorce, the young couple moved to the suburbs, where they still live with their mother, and her boyfriend, and have been together ever since.

What happens to them now?

They live in a new house in California.

The young woman said her boyfriend is now “completely different,” and they’re “just hanging out,” she said.

 “He’s the kind of person who would never want to be in a relationship with anyone who had that history,” she added.

The woman and her mother moved to Colorado in 2007, where the mother was “really, really happy.”

But things got ugly when the woman began to have sex with her boyfriend.

“I was getting close to getting married, and then he started getting close, and we were just getting in the bedroom,” she told ABC News.

After two weeks of unprotected sex, the woman realized she was pregnant.

She was sent to the emergency room, where doctors told her the baby was premature, but she said she was told she would likely give birth in five weeks.

At the hospital, the doctors asked the mother if she wanted to give birth to the child and, she said, the doctor told her, “You can’t.”

The mother gave birth to a girl, who weighed two pounds and six ounces, according to ABC News, and now lives with her mother in California, where her boyfriend lives.

What’s next for the couple?

While she and her parents still live together, they’re considering a separation.

The mother said they would like to see the relationship end in some kind of marriage, so they could live together without having to worry about whether the man is emotionally healthy or not.

But she said they have no plans to do so.

ABC News’ Amy Gershman contributed to this report.