How to use an app to learn yoga classes online, learn in person


(AP) You might be able to get online yoga lessons in less than a day.

But if you’re a yoga instructor who wants to make sure your students get the most out of your classes, you might want to take a look at what’s available online.

And if you can’t find a good online yoga class, here are some tips for taking your classes offline.MORE TOP STORIES:LIVE MUSIC ONLINE!

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Online music lessons are coming to a college town.MORE IN PICTURES:Cats, dogs, and cats living together!

Dogs and cats will be living together, at least on the street, according to the owners of a pet shelter in South Dakota.

And cats will soon be living with humans, with the shelter’s director describing the transition as “really exciting.”

It’s a new twist on cat-friendly housing.

The South Dakota Humane Society has set up a website to help residents find out more about adopting cats and dogs.

The shelter, which was established in 2013, currently houses six cats, three dogs, two golden retrievers and one hamster.MORE ON PICTURE:The perfect way to teach yoga for a healthier bodyThe ultimate way to start your morning yoga session is with a class on YouTube.

It’s called Yoga in the Morning and offers a beginner’s tutorial on the basics of yoga.

It teaches you to inhale deeply, and then exhale slowly.

It also focuses on the core body, where breathing is done over the whole body.

It’s a perfect way for you to learn how to breathe, and it’s free.MORE READING:Biden says he would be ‘honored’ to visit the Holocaust memorial site, but not at the same timeAs a child, Biden dreamed of becoming a U.S. senator.

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He’ll meet with senior Polish leaders and the survivors of the Holocaust to discuss the fate of Jews, who were killed in the camps.

Biden is traveling with the help of his wife, Jill Biden, and their daughter, Maya.

The family is also working with a local nonprofit organization to create an educational website about the Holocaust.