How to make a yoga retreat in your kitchen

A yoga retreat at home is not only relaxing, but it is also a source of inspiration and enjoyment.

You can do a great yoga retreat yourself by creating a homemade relaxation mat and putting a few sheets of paper around the edges to help with the process.

Make the mats by cutting up newspaper, paper towels, or a piece of paper towel.

You will also need some food, and a bowl, a few towels, a couple of chopsticks, and the napkin towel to wipe your hands on.

Place the mats in the center of the kitchen, and put some food and a little napkin in the bowl.

Set your timer for about 30 minutes and then relax with your meditation.

It’s important to do it in your own home, because it will help you focus on your breath and your heart.

You could also do a little yoga while you are cooking, or you can do it on a picnic bench, a picnic table, or anywhere else that you can sit.

You may need to clean up some of the mats if you have some water on the mats.

For more inspiration, check out our yoga retreat video.

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