How to be the yoga girl in a world of flow yoga

By Sara KochermannThe founder of a new yoga movement, Flow Yoga, has introduced her yoga blocks online for the first time.

Yoga blocks are yoga moves that are meant to strengthen the body and body parts, including the neck and shoulders.

The movement has been around for about a decade, but its popularity has grown with people embracing the concept.

“It’s very interesting, and a really important thing that we have to do in our lives, and also to be able to express our creativity in a safe and positive way,” said Yashar, a 28-year-old student from Delhi.

“We have to be a part of a movement that encourages people to be open-minded and have fun.”

The new movement is being called Yoga Blocks for a Reason, which means it aims to be an interactive online yoga school.

It uses the word ‘yoga’ to describe its style of yoga practice, and aims to educate people in a more interactive way, including videos and yoga blocks, and offer them tips and techniques to improve their health and wellbeing.

Yoshua Kochen, founder and chief executive of Flow Yoga said he started the movement in 2016 after seeing people struggling with their physical health.

“I realised that I have to work with the people who are suffering, and I realised that yoga was not going to help me,” he said.

“Yoga is very much a social and spiritual practice, so I thought that we should try to do it more in the physical world.”

A teacher for the movement, Kochens father said he was inspired by the success of yoga teacher Shanti Devi, who he describes as a “spiritual teacher”.

“I saw her practice a lot and I knew that it was a good way to strengthen our body,” he told Al Jazeera.

“So I started teaching her a lot.”

Yoga Blocks is being launched on a website called, which has over 4,000 yoga videos and blocks.

“This is a very different movement,” said yoga teacher Yashya Gupta, adding that the idea is to encourage people to work towards a healthy lifestyle.

“People are trying to keep themselves healthy but are struggling with the stress of work, school, and the pressures of life.”

Kochens yoga teacher, Shanti, started Flow Yoga in 2016.

The idea behind Flow Yoga is to train people to “create a healthy body and soul, without compromising health”.

“The idea is that you have to learn yoga to create a healthy mind and body,” said Gupta.

“You have to have yoga, and that’s why I started yoga.

I didn’t realise that it would be so important.”

Yashar and his partner were looking for a way to break the cycle of work and school, which is something Gupta says people have been doing for years.

“They are trying so hard, they are so stressed, and we want to give them something else,” she said.

“We want to help them get a break from the stress.”

Yeshar says that the movement has already inspired many students to start their own yoga classes, which are free and open to anyone.

“Our idea is not just to teach people how to practice yoga, but to encourage them to work and do something positive in their life,” he added.