Yoga teacher, yoga hottie sparks controversy with yoga photo

Yoga instructor and yoga hootie Karma Yoga has been accused of instigating a social media war with the intent to “shame” the actress, who has been an advocate for gender equality and is one of the most famous female athletes in the world.

The Instagram photo shows a woman posing with her hands in front of a picture of yoga poses and an caption reading: “So proud to have this photo of me with my hands in a yoga pose.

I’m so grateful for your support.”

The photo was shared more than 50,000 times and was shared by many celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher and Madonna.

The picture, however, did not sit well with the yoga teacher who wrote on her Instagram account: “This photo is NOT ok.

She should not be in public places like this.

Please stop.”

The yoga instructor’s post went viral and Karma tweeted that she would take the photo down, but she later deleted it, stating: “I know the picture is offensive to some and I apologize for that.

The reason I did it was to share a yoga practice that is in many ways the same as any other yoga class.

I wanted to share something that could be shared, not shame someone else for practicing yoga.”

On her Facebook page, Karma said that she did not intend to hurt anyone but she felt it was inappropriate to post this image.

She wrote: “The image has been shared a lot and it’s really hurtful to some people.

I don’t want to be insensitive or hurt anyone’s feelings.

I would never intentionally put anyone in a difficult situation.

I have a great respect for all yoga teachers and would never do anything to hurt any of their students.”

Karma Yoga was founded in 2014 by former Miss USA and Olympian Karma Tanden and was known for their yoga classes, where students were encouraged to learn their own style and practice yoga.

The yoga studio, which is located in Los Angeles, is owned by a company called Tandens Yoga Training, which has been in the news recently after an alleged child abuse scandal involving one of its instructors.

The company, however was never charged in connection with the allegations and has defended itself against allegations of child abuse.

Tandentens spokesperson Courtney Brown said the yoga instructor was not involved in the incident and that Karma did not instruct any students.

The incident sparked a debate on the social media platform.

Some users defended the yoga-based yoga studio as a “positive thing”, while others questioned why Karma would post the photo of her with her hand in a pose.

The hashtag #shamefulkarma, a reference to the yoga pose, was trending on Twitter.

Karma has also been involved in several controversies over the past year.

In June, she was involved in a heated debate over a new documentary about women and the workplace, Inequality and Power.

In the film, she appeared to support a new law that would require all American companies to provide equal pay for equal work and claimed that “I would never say a woman should be paid less than a man.”

In March, Karma was in the middle of a controversy after she was accused of having an affair with a female employee.

The affair was reported to have occurred at the end of 2014, and she denied any involvement in it.

Karma was fired from her position as an assistant to the founder of a company in October, 2015, after the company said it was unable to keep her from sharing nude photographs of herself.

In October, Karma released a video to the media in which she discussed the issues that have caused controversy surrounding her.

In it, she says she is not trying to hurt people or “make fun” of them.

“I’m not trying make fun of them,” Karma said in the video.

“But I would like to make clear that I’m not a sexist.

I think the world needs to have a more open conversation about equality and about how we can all get on with our lives.”

Karma said she has spoken to a number of female athletes who have told her that they would have “more fun” if they had been women in the sport.

“It’s really tough because the industry is not a male-dominated field,” she said.

“And you have these people that have gone on to be world champions.

We need to be open about the fact that we have issues, and that we’re not the only ones.”