How to Go Goat Yoga for Kids: How to Do it Yourself

How to Goat Yoga with Kids is an amazing way to engage your child with yoga.

It’s so easy and you’ll feel so much more at ease, especially when your child is interested in the activity and enjoying the experience. 

Goat yoga is the easiest way to train kids to get into yoga and to enjoy their favorite pose. 

You can practice goats in many ways, but we’ll be focusing on a specific style of goat yoga called “Gulabhati”. 

The goat yoga style involves using the front and back feet in an alternating pattern.

This style is great for young children because they can be taught how to do different poses and get their bodies and hands ready to perform. 

The back foot is the only part of the body that needs to be fully flexed during the pose.

This position allows for a wide range of body movements that include jumping, sitting, walking, and more. 

In this post, we’re going to share with you our favorite goat yoga poses and share some of the great benefits they offer. 


Goat Pose for Kids with a Parent at the Same Time In the video below, you’ll see yogin yogin and her partner, Yogi, performing their Goat Pose at their daughter’s birthday party. 

When you’re ready to go Goat Yoga, you can get started by practicing your goat pose on a mat. 

Gulaba, the yogin in the video, has a goat pose that will take just a few minutes to perform and is a great way to practice for your kids. 

This goat pose is one that your child can practice by themselves, so they don’t need to be at home with you or your partner. 


Goat Yoga in a Family Group  This Goat Pose is great when you are at home and your kids are not around.

Your kids can practice in a group by themselves or with their family. 

Your kids will have a great time and you can see how this poses is one of the best ways to connect with them. 


Goat yoga poses for preschoolers The goats pose in this video was created by a preschooler and is one she uses as a base to work on her goat pose.

She has some very simple yoga poses, so you can practice it without much help. 


Goat pose for kids with autism spectrum disorder If your child has autism spectrum disorders, then this Goat Pose will be a great opportunity to practice your goat yoga.

You can practice this pose in your own home or even practice together. 


Goat in the House with a Baby in the Picture  When your child needs a place to practice, this Goat pose is a wonderful option. 


Goat with a Pup in the Box  Another great Goat Pose that you can use to train your kids with a parent in the same room. 


Goat on a Stick with Baby in Mouth  If you need to teach your kids a goat, this is the perfect Goat pose to do it in.

This pose is very easy and allows your kids to practice their poses without having to be in the studio. 


Goat for Kids at the Beach  A great Goat pose with a baby in mouth is a perfect pose for your children to practice while at the beach. 


Goat Stretch Yoga for Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderThis Goat pose allows your child to stretch, like a goat.

You will be able to stretch out to the front of the goat and stretch your knees out as well. 


Goat Poses for the Younger Child These Goat poses are great for children ages 2 to 6.

You may be able for them to practice in the comfort of your home, but it’s a great exercise for the younger children. 


Goat Gown Pose for Young Children with autism Gorilla Pose is a very easy Goat pose that works well for preschool kids.

It is an awesome way to help kids learn how to move around and express their emotions. 


Goat Dance for Kids in the Park  In an effort to promote yoga and encourage kids to exercise and participate in sport, a goat dance is often part of a summer festival. 


Goat to Pose Yoga for Young People with Autism This is a fantastic Goat Pose.

It can be practiced at home or in a dance class. 


Goat Head Bangle Yoga for Baby with Autism The head bend is one part of this Goat Head Bend.

This is one great pose for babies to practice and is great because it teaches them to relax and relax. 


Goat Leap Pose for Children With Autism The Leap Pose is one perfect Goat Pose to teach children to jump into a position of balance. 


Goat Bend Pose for Baby Another perfect Goat Bend for babies is to practice with your child in a standing position. 


Goat Foot Pose for Child