How to pose with your baby at home

NEW YORK — A yoga class at a Manhattan yoga studio could soon be coming to your doorstep.

It’s called Yoga Pose Down Under, a yoga class in which people practice in different poses and take part in an open-air meditation.

The yoga studio is called Yoga Poses, and it has its own website where you can sign up to take part.

It has a monthly fee of $125.

For $35, you can get yoga classes in three sessions.

It costs $90 per class.

For $45, you get yoga for two people, one of whom has to be pregnant.

The classes are free.

You can signup on the Yoga Pose website.

Yoga Pposes has a newsletter with tips for you on what to wear, where to sit and what to do.

The classes are scheduled on the first Thursday of every month.

Yoga Pose is located at 1423 Broadway, between Second Avenue and Central Park West.