‘Millionaire yoga teacher’ says he ‘does not condone’ sex in her classes

A millionaire yoga instructor in the UK has spoken out against sex in his classes, saying it is a “disgrace”. 

“I do not condone sexual activity with other people in the yoga class,” said Piyush Bhatti, owner of the ‘Bhavish Bhavish Yoga’ studio, which opened in March.

“My students are free to have sex in class, and the women have the right to participate.

If they want to have a private conversation, that’s fine, but I cannot condone such behavior.”

The founder of the yoga studio, who was married to a woman for a decade, said he had always taught students about respecting the gender roles in society and how to “take care of each other”.

“When a person has to have their own body, that is something we teach them.

This is something that happens to every single person in society,” he said.”

But for someone to make a huge fuss about this, it is really unfortunate.”

Bhatti was married with two daughters.

He told the BBC that he did not have sex during his classes and only taught women about the importance of modesty and self-care.

“There is nothing wrong with yoga class in the sense that it can be a good way of living a good life, but this is a matter of respect for the gender norms.

It is a great exercise and we teach students about yoga,” he added.”

I don’t condone sex between two men.

It has nothing to do with my business and nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Bhava and Piyash Bhavani were arrested for alleged sex offences in 2016 and charged with a range of sex offences.

Both were released on bail in October, but they have not returned to court since.

The case has sparked a massive backlash from social media users, who have criticised the yoga instructor for his alleged views on gender roles.

“Bhaval Bhavash’s comment that women need to ‘take care’ of each others bodies is disgusting.

He is a hypocrite,” wrote one Twitter user.”

A yoga teacher who promotes sex between men and women, while teaching them to be gentle and considerate to each other, is a disgusting man,” said another.