How to teach laughter yoga to children

As you prepare for a Christmas celebration, you might be surprised to learn that laughter yoga can be helpful.

This fun activity uses physical poses and sounds to teach kids about love and friendship.

It also makes them feel more connected to each other.

How to prepare: Start by bringing your child to the front of your room and telling them that there are presents for you to enjoy.

After that, ask your child what they like most about their new holiday.

Then, ask them to hold on to their presents while you perform some simple poses and then, while they’re still holding them, they can tell you the story of their family tree.

As the story goes, the tree started out with the four branches on the tree, but then the branches were split up and a new tree was born.

What to do: Sit next to your child and play a story with them.

Tell the story with words, like “tree”, “branches”, or “the four branches”.

When you hear a word like “branch”, say it slowly and softly.

If your child has a hard time remembering it, ask the story to repeat for them.

Finally, repeat the story for yourself.

You can even tell the story in a book if you prefer.

As children will understand, it’s okay to get a little messy.

When your child is ready, you can bring them into your room, open a present and say “thank you”.

You may even want to make a little noise so your children know you’re enjoying yourself.

If you can’t find a story for your child, you may want to find a poem or song for them to listen to.

How long to teach: Some children can learn a lot about their family’s history and traditions while others can only enjoy a few minutes.

If both children are able to learn, they should be able to enjoy each other’s company throughout the day.