How to find the perfect naked yoga practice in NYC

How to Find the Perfect Naked Yoga Practice in NYC: The Naked Yoga Studio in East Harlem is an open-air yoga studio on the East River. 

It is one of the few open-minded, relaxed yoga studios in New York City. 

You can choose from several different yoga studios, including one with a full-size room, one with half a dozen people, and one with as many as eight people. 

(For a sneak peek at the yoga studio, click here.)

The studio’s owner, yoga teacher and fitness instructor, Jayden, was inspired by the nude yoga practice on the internet. 

He started the nude practice because it was so similar to his own style of yoga. 

In other words, Jaydens “day-to-day” approach to yoga is a naked practice. 

But, unlike many of his fellow yoga teachers, he also has a full time job as a teacher and a full schedule of classes. 

“I love doing naked yoga because it is fun,” he said. 

Like many other yoga teachers and students, Jaydeens parents also do not practice in public. 

Instead, Jaydonns parents teach and share their yoga with the rest of the family. 

To learn more about the studio, you can find out more about it at the Naked Yoga website here. 

The Naked Yoga studio also has studios in Brooklyn and Staten Island. 

If you are looking for a yoga studio in your city, click the link below to find out about one nearby.